April 9, 2012

Franken Frustration

I have been playing around with Frankening for quite a bit, and have acquired alot of different pigments, micas, glitters etc, and after creating the previous beauties went on to create some more elaborate Frankens that were so nice I thought these need to be shared.

So I decided to jump on the bandwagon and join in with the rest of the polish sniffing frankeners. I ordered big bottles, small bottles, balls for mixing, extra pigments etc, and THEN I saw that TKB Trading no longer sends Suspension Base to Hawaii! I am heartbroken!! =/

I know the restricted access to this base has caused alot of frustration for others as well, and people are working on different solutions. I tried Nailite's nail polish, but this wont even suspend normal micas. Other options include using Stearalkonium Hectorite, but you need to order bulk from China and people are claiming that it cannot be mixed without certain equipment.

Another blogger has pointed out that Aerosil can be a solution, but that the mix creates a bumby end result, and I couldn't even get it to play nice with my glitters =/ Not sure what I am doing wrong. I really hope someone finds an ok solution that will enable Frankeners to continue playing around and creating amazing beauties. In the meantime, I am considering using my last few drops of TKB's Glamour Base to realize my Galaxy Collection, even if it is just for a few bottles...

 Untill then my boo is working on further experiments, hopefully he will be able to solve the puzzle.

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