April 11, 2012

Franken Frustration = Solved

My boo literally straightened out the bumps in my nail polish base predicament and I am now free to Franken how much I want. To celebrate I made my first mini batch of The Galaxy Collection and listed it on Etsy. To check out my store, click here.

Not only will you find my first Franken collection here, but also some nail polish jewelry as well as some handmande Hawaiian jewelry! My muse is just driving me nuts nowadays!! So I had to put it too good use!

Here is a picture of my lovely Frankens;

Well at least I think they are lovely!! =)

While swatching the different colors I decided to keep the one for Milky Way which is a multi colored top coat, that I applied over pink, purpleish brown, blue, and white;

It's just such a fun manicure! And I love the Sparklies I put in there <3

In the meantime I am waiting for Llarowe to come to H on their Lynnderella Wish List! One of the polishes on my Wish List being Connect the Dots. My frustration has lead me to find several frankeners that have their own interpretations of this incredible top coat, several of which have Etsy accounts! Stay tuned to view swatches and check out my list of Connect the Dots dupes!!

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