April 4, 2012

Franken Fest

So I kinda went crazy on TKB Trading, and received a load of pigments to play around with! For those that don't know, TKB Trading sells different pigments used in make up etc, and some of these can also be used in nail polish to make your own little special color =)

I really do love frankening, but have to admit that I kinda went overboard, but hey, I'll have loads of fun playing around with these, and they will last forever. Now I didn't use all of the pigments and wont list what I bought, cause it is just to embarrasing. But there were some colors that instantly caught my attention, and I knew I had to play around with them straight away.

The ones I really loved was the Mica Pigments, in Apricot, Original Hot Mama, Glitter Sienna, Aquarius, and Breath of Spring. This is the final results of my testing;

Now they might now seem very exciting, but I love them, especially the Apricot and the Hot Mama mix. The Apricot is more of a golden tone. Hot Mama is a deep and indeed a sexy red that flashes a bit of orange in the sun, though she is a bit camera shy...

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