March 9, 2012

Dark Brown + White = Purple...??

If you guys haven't noticed already, I love to franken/ handblend nail polish, and sometimes you can get really surprising results. I have a dark brown H&M nail polish that I purchased only as a substitute for my Hello Kitty black nail polish that I managed to drop on my bathroom floor, the clean up was a pain. 
Anyhow I could not find any good black nail polish, so I got a really dark brown instead. After moving to USA and discovering Sally Hansen, I found a cheap new black called "Black Out" which is perfect, so my dark brown has been sitting on my shelf for quite some time.

What I don't have is a light brown nail polish, so I thought I'll take the dark brown nail polish, mix it with some white nail polish and expected to see a light brown as a result. This did not happen, the results was a lighter shade, but not brown, more purpleish, even when I asked my boyfriend what color it was he said purple!!

Unfortunately the pictures did not want to catch the purple so you might think that I was exaggerating, but believe me it is more purple than it is brown;

 And of course I had to do some stamping and put on some wee diamonds;
Do you see the purple? I think I need a better camera... =)

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