January 12, 2012

Nail Trends for 2012

Orange is the new Pink, and Beige is the new Black =)

2011 brought back moon manicures, made foils hip again, allowed for fun decors and experimenting, reintroduced the neutral shade as well as decals. For 2012 it seems that Orange will be the new summer color, while Beige will start to replace the darker colors. I am already in love with Neutral and Beige colors, which is reallyn in contrast with my blog name and my first nail polish crushes ;-)

This xmas I received Eyeko - Nude from my boyfriend. And after this I went Orange- Crazy!! Now I have all kinds of Orange-tone nail polishes, from in your face to peachy/apricot shades. I even went out and got my first Chanel polish from the Spring 2012 collection (June). If Chanel says Orange is going to be huge, I have no choice but to obey. After accumulating all the different Orange shades I felt was necessary for the new year, I would like to share some pictures with you guys;

 From left; OPI - Apricotcha Cheating, Sand in my suit, Eyeko - Nude (which is not really nude), Chanel - June, a Franken experiment with holo, Orly - Satin Panache, OPI - Hot & Spicy, and another Franken.
 Beautiful shades!! Well Sand in my suit is not really a Orange, but I had to have it for comparisons sake.

I decided to give OPI - Apricotcha Cheating a try first, and it is truly a summery shade;
 Sorry for the blurry pic, had to borrow my boyfriends camera which at the moment did not have a macro friendly lense attached. OPI has some really beautiful colors and this will probably become on of my favorites during the spring/summer, well, who am I kidding, it looks good all year!! The trouble is that it was really watery and I don't even know how many layers I put on!! Without a bottle of Seche Vite I would never have used this color as it would never dry ;-P

Also it seems that the more feminin rounded off tip will be more popular this year, guess my guitar will have to collect dust for a little while longer... Do you have a favorite shade for the new year?

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