January 15, 2012

Blue skies and Butterflies, eBay Water Decals

My fascination for Water Decals has made me searh the internet for interesting designs and sellers that offer a different designs. Some of the cutest designs I found on ebay was offered by the seller sirehorse. You can check out their items by clicking here.

Also purchased some french tip designs with Marilyn Monroe and Elvis on them... But they were all skewed, must have been printer in the wrong format or something. At least I got a refund for those. So do not order the french tip designs =/

This is also where I found the Betty Boop water decals that I used for this manicure.

This time I tried the Blue Tribal Butterfly, and here it is over OPI - For Audrey;

I also added a little blue diamond =)

I love the details in these water decals. When buying on ebay it can be hit or miss as the sellers of water decals usually print the images at home, and quality might differ. But these were absolutely gorgeous.

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