November 27, 2011

Betty Boop Nails

I bought some fun wated decals of ebay, one of them were of Betty Boop and I thought that would look supercute on pink nail polish, so her she is on top of Isadora Happy Pink;

Then I thought I would jazz it up a bit more and added some colored shells that I got as a freebie;
 Also added some striping tape;
 And some diamonds (I know it's called rhinestones, but diamonds just sounds better);

This turned into a really cool manicure, I had to use alot of top coat to ensure that it all stayed in place, but it was well worth it =D

Sorry for the bumpy nails and the old nail polish. I have been eating B-vitamins to make my nails stronger, and for a period my nails got pretty messed up. Also I had been wearing this pink nail polish for a couple of days before I started jazzing it up.

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