December 4, 2011

KISS Water Decals

I keep looking at nail designs on Google or Youtube, and some time ago when I was looking for more elaborate water decals I came across this video on youtube, by "ilovemylongnails". Check it out here!

I thought they were absolutely beautiful, and went on a quest to find these for purchase. She bought them on ebay so I found a seller pipandrosie that had the exact design. The seller is located in the UK, but sends internationally. I ordered both the Bouquet 1 and Bouquet 2, the 1 is with silver details, while the 2 is the one in the video with the gold details.

I thought this water decal would look super over grey, and just put it on my ring finger as I didn't want to overdo it, or use up all the designs... Here it is;

Supercute flowers, and I love the gold details! Next time I am putting these on it will be for a special occation, cause these are too pretty for everyday wear... And I only ordered two sets of the nr. 2, and they are already out!!! Wish I'd bought ten!! ;-)

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