December 16, 2011

Manicure Madness

My friends keep asking me how I do my nails, and I usually tell them to drop by and I'll give them a manicure. Well some of my friends then decided we should have a group manicure, and last weekend the thought became what I call Manicure Madness!!

7 of my friends were gathered for this event, and I did my best to indulge them as best as I could.

These are the results;

The last one wanted the same as the first one, so she didn't get her own picture! ;-P The sun went down as well so the last few pictures are not too good =/ My camera, like me, does not like the dark too much.

In sum it was a great evening and in the designs I used stamping, stickers, rhinestones, gold striping tape and crushed shells (top right picture). I love the little poppy that was hidden away on one of my Bundle Monster plates!! I had never thought to try out this my self... Supercute!

Nobody was brave enough to try the new Fimo art that I got from Born Pretty Store, so guess I have to try them out on someone else! And I have to do some xmas nail art soon...

BTW; I did not apply the base coats on these ladies ;-D They managed to screw that up themselves hehe!

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