January 3, 2012

New Years Eve nails!

My parents are visiting so I didn't have time untill now to post about my New Years Eve manicure. Before New Years Eve I have been playing around with a little bit of glitter, cause what better way to enter a new year than with glittery nails? I had also just bought a 12-pack of colored stars with all different colors. Putting them together created these different looks;

From the left; 1. Turquise glitter and baby blue stars, 2. Holographic glitter purchased from TKB Trading with silver stars, 3. Mauve glitter from TKB Trading with red and pink stars, 4. Gold glitter purchased from One Dollar Nail art with gold stars.

My friend came over for her manicure and loved all the designs, we chose the holographic since she would be wearing silver jewellery. The snowflake on the ring finger is from a Bundle Monster plate;

The base coat is a nude from OPI - Sand in my suit, one of my favorite nail polishes!! Then it was my turn, this is a picture with just the base coat;

Isn't it gorgeous? Funny how I love all things sparkly, and my favorite nail polish turns out to be a nude color... Anyways, here my nails are after applying loads of glitter, studs and gold lace;

The studs were purchased at Born Pretty Store, the gold lace is from One Dollar Nail Art.

And since my parents were visiting I gave my step mom a little gold tip as well;

Now we have glitter all over the apartment, but it was well worth it!! Happy New Year!! =)

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