October 21, 2011

How to copy OPI I lily love you

This is a supercute pink nailpolish from OPI - Nice Stems Collection and I have been thinking several times that I should pick it up at the stores. Only thing that kept me from buying this nail polish was my not-so-successful encounter with it's older sister Teenage Dream, this you can read about here. I didn't even bother putting out pictures of the nail polish cause I was so disappointed.

Sooo, this new nail polish is a very nice pink with medium sized flakies in them. Now wait a minute, I have a very cute pink nail polish, aaand a flakie, so why not try them together??

This is my result of layering; OPI - Strawberry Margaritha + Nubar 2010 equals... this;

Nail Polish Delight!! And I finally found a good use for my Nubar 2010 ;-)

Of course this was a supercute manicure, but it just wasn't enough, so I figured I'd try out a Hello Kitty stensil. I cannot remember where I bought these stensils, too bad cause they are supercute! I go on online shopping sprees every now and then... Anyways, this is the results;

An alternative to using a stensil is ordering a plate from Born Pretty Store, that are giving away ten plates per day!! Grab yours here!!

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