September 12, 2011

The REAL Teenage Dream

When I picked up OPI - Teenage Dream I was expecting something quite spectacular! A pink nail polish with rough holographic glitter in it, it seemed to good to be true... And for me, it was...

This is one of the videos posted by OPI as a promo for the nail polish, and it looks really awesome. When I got it, the polish turned out to be more glitter than pink, and when it dries it becomes really dull, the dullness fading away the holographic effect of the nail polish.

But all is not lost. My interest in the perceived color sent me on a quest, a quest to franken my own Teenage Dream. And here it is in all it's glory "The REAL Teenage Dream" (or maybe Teenage Dream as it should be);

It just looks like candy on nails!!! I love it =)

Unfortunately I did not learn and also bought "Not like the movies" from the same collection... Who would have thought that Katy Perry + OPI would be such a drag...

And for those that might be interested in how I did this. I used normal top coat nail polish, put in a holographic glitter called Holla Glow Glitter from TKB trading, and then added a little red =)

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