September 25, 2011

Blue Marsian

To make the nail polish posted last time (the REAL teenage dream) I ordered some holographic glitter from TKB trading. And of course I ordered something else while I was at it, they have so much fun glitters that can be used in nail polish!! 

I kinda went bananas, and haven't been able to try them all yet..
One of the glitters I did try was Gold Reflecks.

The obvious would be to put it in clear nail polish and make a fancy top coat, but I though I would try something else... Now what would I like that I haven't seen before. I figured, why not try it with blue?? So I added some cheap blue nail polish, and a little For Audrey for good measure.

So the results of mixing gold glitter with clear nail polish, then adding blue...

Pretty awesome!

But of course this wasn't enough, so I stamped with blue and gold over it;

I have more glitters from TKB trading that I have to abuse =)
So hopefully there will be more Frankens coming up!

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