October 5, 2011

Sparktacular versus Rainbow Connection!

For those that know about Deborah Lippman's Happy Birthday should all know about Sephora's version Spark- tacular which is a much cheaper version. I have been in and out of my nearest Sephora store checking it out. And today was the day I was going to buy one. What happens? They were out!!!

Drowned in sorrow I went to another nail polish store to pick up some sticker diamonds to cheer me up, and this is what caught my eyes;

Here's a close up of all the glitter;
Anxious to see if this was a dupe I ran back to the Sephora store to get a sample of Sparktacular on my thumb, ran back and compared, and it looked pretty close to me! Since OPI's version was also cheaper, I ended up getting OPI's Rainbow Connection!

Here the comparison (with a bonus picture of Sephora's Looks like rain dear on my index finger), since I was on an emotional rollercoaster I didn't take the time to put anything under Rainbow Connection;

Sparktacular is on my thumb, the rest is Rainbow Connection! I love it <3

As you can see the Sparktacular has microglitter which Rainbow Connection lacks, but I like Rainbow Connection the most as the colors stand more out. Sparktacular tends to look more like silver microglitter, Rainbow Connection has more colors.

Hope you liked my mini comparison! If you want a more comprehensive comparison of different rainbow glitter gems check out The Nail Polish Enthusiast or The TraceFace Files.

If you want to see more pictures of this beauty check out Swatch and learns post here!

Here you find pictures on how it looks with many, many layers, and over different colors =)


  1. I'm sure that a lot of people will find your comparison very helpful! :) And thanks for the mention, Julie!

  2. Hope so =) I think this will be one of my new favorite nail polishes!!

  3. Your nails are so perfect and white *jealous*! I love these two, they are awesome!

  4. Thanks, my nails used to be very dry actually. Whenever I take of a manicure now I soak them in lotion to make sure they don't dry out =) And always use base coat, helps to avoid yellowing ;-)