June 11, 2011

Very Katy Perry Nails!!

I really wanted to try to copy Katy Perry's rhinestone nails. For those that haven't seen them, here's a picture from her twitter account;

Gotta love it!!
It looks like she is sporting a silver nail polish under, which I don't have... But I am still wearing my DS Classic by OPI and figured it might work ok if I just put the stones (or in my case the stickers) close enough to each other. I started by applying a thin layer of blank top coat just to make sure they would stick.

Then I started applying the stones (stickers) one by one and this was the results;

It took me about 20 minutes, to do one nail... And I ended up with 27 stickers... But it was definetly worth it.

I decided to do the other ring finger as well, but with larger bling;

Made me feel like a rock star <3
Thank you Katy Perry!!


  1. WOW I love that, look at the bling!

  2. Thanks! I really loved it too!! Made me feel like a rock star with all the girls staring envious at my nails ;-)