June 18, 2011


I am a sucker for sparkling things (obviously) and in particular holographic nail polishes!!! Unfortunately my obsession came a bit too late to let me enjoy the whole OMG collection from China Glaze! The polishes are incredible, but unfortunately discontinued. Some are still to be found on ebay, but seriously overprized =/

Luckily there are two polishes from this collection that is still OK prized even on e(vil)bay. These are TTYL and GR8, so I have picked up a bottle of eash. I just can't get my self to pay $30 for a nail polish!! The most beautiful one of the set which is actually named OMG costs anything from $55!! =/

China Glaze have made a new holographic collection called Tronica, but these are rougher polishes with more shattered holo effect... Why can't you just reissue the OMG collection???

To see a comparison between the 3 latest holo collections from CG, take a look here. This clearly shows the difference between the three sets and the supremacy of the OMG! collection...

Anyways, at least I have two, and my favorite is the TTYL, just look at this beauty;

I didn't want to remove my Katy Perry nails, so just put on another coat of my fabulous Sally Hansen Double Duty polish =) I love this polish!! My nails are really thin and chip easily, but with this polish as a base and top coat I can wear my manicures for about one week!!

If you don't let it dry before applying color though you might get bubbles...

Here you can see a tiny bubble on my thumb...

And I cannot believe that I stumble upon this giveaway three days after it closed;


Man! The whold OMG collection up for grabs and I couldn't even enter. Pretty Pleeeease China Glaze, reissue the OMG collection!!!

A picture of the beauties in the sun;

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