June 5, 2011

My second (successful) Franken!!

Last time I mixed Gold and Red and got a pretty nice result... But since the Red was so dark I just used about one fifth of the bottle, what to do with the rest?? I know; make a new Franken!! ;-D

So I mixed the rest of my NYC - Penn Station with Sally Hansen - Blue it, which is a dark blue. Both of these are pretty cheap and look pretty plain, but a closer look reveals glitter in both. I didn't really think too much about it before I mixed them up and ended up with a dark purple with red AND blue glitter!! I didn't expect it to turn out that good at all! I am now hooked on Frankening nail polishes!!

In the bottles;

Legg til bildetekst
I had a really hard time capturing the color with my camera. It looks more like a dull dark color, but in reality it is a very nice Sparkling purple!!

I tried it on a piece of paper to try and show the color;

This is not really a good representations either... It's better though, but no matter what light I tried... The camera did not capture this polish and its beauty at all...

You guys obviously just have to try it out for your self ;-)

Since I was still sporting the OPI - DS Classic that I did not want to remove just yet... The new Franken was tested out on my roomie;

 Again not a true representation =(

My roomie unfortunately felt it was too dark, and made her look goth... So we jazzed it up a bit with some white konad flowers, some diamonds ofc and a top coat of OPI - Mother of Wisdom that gives a very nice finish to alot of different colors!!! Check it out;

Close up;

My roomie was finally happy that about the color and the outcome was supercute!!

The Mother of Wisdome gives a pearl-like finish, the camera did not want to capture this colors true beauty either unfortunately, but check it our for your self or take my word for it ;-) Some use it as a normal nail polish, but I feel it is a bit thin/watery and so I figure I might as well use it as a top coat when I want a really shiny coat on top. Would probably work pretty good over pure white as well... Have to try that out one day...

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