April 25, 2011

What do you do...

with half-empty bottles??

I've always wondered about that. The nail polish bottle designs are usually so that the brush stops half way into the bottle. Probably to keep them from drying out... But still this is very annoying.

Well I found a solution; make FRANKENpolish =)

What is that you might ask, well basically you take two or more polishes and mix them together. This can be done with different colors to create a new one, for example Red + Yellow = Orange, or Blue + Yellow = Green, but it can also be done with one color, mix it with clear polish and add glitter =D It will then get thickness from the glitter and the polish seemingly creating a new glitter nail polish that still is opaque.

This idea came from a blogger that calls her self Dr. Frankenstein (I think), and you can check out her site for more inspiration. Here you get the general recepie for making your own Frankenpolish. 

She also created some nice new holographic nail polishes, one by using GR8 from the China Glaze OMG collection that sadly now is discontinued and sold for ten fold their original price on ebay.... This holographic nail polishes are some of the best, and their replacement based on the Tron movie seems like a joke. Well at ebay you can get the gold color GR8 for about 5 bucks (+shipping) which is not bad since you then can use the Franken technique to create new colors like; Crimson Crown. <3

I love the new pink holo she made by mixing GR8 with a deep red!! I can imagine that you can use the same holo base and mix it up with white for example to create a more subtle gold holo, or with blue to create a green holo, all by using the cheapest of the best!! =)

Good luck FRANKENING, I am off to Walmort to pick up some cheap nail polishes to experiment with!!

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