April 25, 2011

Retro Half Moon

My next experiment was a version of the french manicure, the so-called half moon. This is a reverse version where the bottom is left "nude" or in a contrasting color to the rest of the nail. This might sound very strange and I was skeptical at first but pictures of Dita Von Teese rocking this look made me want to try it out!!

I started out by cutting up and putting 3 ring stickers on the base of my nails. Then just applied 4 (!) strokes of Wet N'Wild nail polish in gold;

4 coats it took to get this color opaque...
This polish was recycled and replaced with an OPI! =)
Then I let it dry and put on new stickers a little bit over the gold before I painted over 
with H&M - Espresso Me; 

I just love the Retro effect the Gold and Dark brown creates!
Definetly doing this one again!!

This tecnique should also be good for layering =)

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