April 26, 2011

Floral Print

After my attempts of Retro Half Moon manicure I decided to try a bit more stamping with Konad. This is on OPI - Strawberry Margarita with HM- Beauty-Licious (dark red) and the Isadora Wondernail (pink);

Close up of my thumb;
I love the effect of the Pink nail polish!

 I used image plate M82 which is one of my favorites!! For stamping I have white and black Konad special polish which are thicker than normal nail polishes, but you can use other types of nail polishes as well. They just need to be a bit on the thick side for the image to appear.

I usually try the nail polish on paper first to see if it prints well...

But if you want to purchase nail polishes that can be used both as normal and for printing I would
recommend checking out this site! which is a database over different nail polishes
that work well for stamping.

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