August 27, 2012

MIA & Out of This World

Hi guys!! Sooo I have been MIA for a while... I finished my Masters degree in May and then I managed to break my wrist one month later. Two months of recovery went by before I felt ready to start searching for a job, while we had to move, and then my little baby mouse Coco got sick!! She's not really a baby, she's just sooo tiny that I always call her baby, or just mini. It has been crazy, I finally managed to get a job temping at a recruitment agency. It is lots of fun and I have soo much to learn, but I basically don't even know if I work the day after untill 4 or 5 pm... I am exhausted!!

The house is still a mess, but right now my focus is on getting Coco well, and trying to get a more steady job situation. Since I have been away a while I have some manicures to show you guys!! And I have even made my own little work station for creating some new polishes. I have something exciting in the works for you!!

But first I wanted to show you a manicure I wore a few months back!!! I think I did this even before my wrist broke. I had seen alot of these types of manicures online and wanted to create my own. And it kinda symbolizes bringing this blog back to life;

This is Sparkles by Julie - Out of This World decorated with Sally Hansen nail polish pen. I also added a little diamond on the heart. The pen was harder to use than I had anticipated as the tip was very thick. Luckily it is easy enough to edit, so the end results was not that bad, I thought it was a very cute manicure.

This is Out of This World before the Heart Beat decoration;

What do you guys think of the Heart Beat manicure?

Out of This World can be found in my Etsy store;

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