June 14, 2012

The story behind my Labels!

I can't believe that it has been one month since my last post! I managed to break the wrist on my dominant hand and the cast makes it hard to do anything on my own. Luckily my boo helps me out as much as he can. Now that I have some movement back in my (still a bit swollen) fingers I decided it was time to start blogging a bit again, and I will attempt some manicures... after a while... =) 

Fracturing my wrist meant that my hand writing sucks even more than it usually does, in the beginning I even had to use my left hand!! It looked like the work of a five year old! So I figured it was perfect timing to try and make some new labels. When I first started my Shop, (meaning when my boo had nagged me into purchasing the materials I needed to start my production,) I also ordered some sample labels. These were blank and see through and I imagined a design of a bottle then the name on top. When the labels arrived, they were the wrong size!! They were way too small, but I was so hyped to start my shop, sooo I decided to just write all the labels by hand. As my hand-writing is so-so this solution was of course suboptimal, and a bit time consuming. So when my fracture happened I was forced to try again! I ordered two sizes of white circular labels, and spent a few hours working (with me left hand I might add!!) on my bfs computer, and this is the pretty awesome results;

Sparkles by Julie - Water Lily, Lost in Space and Nebula 

Sparkles by Julie - Bubble Gum and Coco

Sparkles by Julie - Coco, Water Lily and Bubble Gum (Mini's)
 What do you think? Better than the handwritten labels right?

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