May 4, 2012

A quick little update on my Lynnderella order and a little something extra!!

My Lynnderella's came in today and Holy Macaroni they are gorgeous! I can now understand why people go bananas over these bottles and can't wait to try them on! But I had to... Explanation towards the end of the post. I could almost not believe it when I saw the package and I ripped that bastard up quicker than a five year old would his xmas present! Man they were mummified in bubblewrap! I just had to take my scissors and start ripping and peeling while loling in pure excitement.

Whew, it was exhausting, really. Anyways here are my little beauties;

I didn't even think she sold them in square bottles anymore!! I love that I got these in square <3 Here is a shot of their backs;

I am so happy that I ordered Thank Blue! I didn't really think it looked all that exciting on the pictures, but it must be my favorite so far. Sorry I don't have any swatches (yet!) but I am swamped today, sooo bad timing. I promised myself I had to do some updates and post some new beauties on my Etsy shop, and now I am almost out the door to a sortofgoodbyepartythingie. 

For now you can at least drool over the above pictures, and maybe even drool a little over my two new creations Coco and Bubble Gum;

Can you guess which one is which??? ;-)

If you like it, check it out on my Etsy shop;


  1. Lucky! I didn't get my wish list in before due to some mistake or another, so now I have to wait till late June to even put in my wish list!

    1. That sucks! Well at least there will be more to choose from, think I read somewhere that she is making some new ones ;-D