May 7, 2012

Holotastic baby!

So I've had this bag with 1 gram of Spectraflair laying around like forever, and I've just used it to play a bit and made a top coat for myself. Then it just layed in my shelf. After posting some nail polishes on Etsy I thought I might as well make some beauties and share it there instead of it laying in my shelf.

I nearly used the whole bag (minus what I had used in a few mini attempts and the top coat) and this is the HOLOTASTIC result;

What do you guys think? I really liked how the green and the blue one turned out, just look how they glow! I have just a tiny bit left so might just have to make myself some minis of this to keep. The rest is up for grabs on my Etsy store. Check them out by clicking here! 

Now these will most likely be the only holographic nail polishes I will post for sales, though I am contemplating a new bag of more fine grade. I think what I got was the coarse grade but I cannot remember since it has been laying around like forever!! So if you guys like these and want linear versions, leave a comment and I will seriously consider it, just for the pure joy of mixing it and see how the colors turn into little rainbows whenever a ray of sunlight hits the bottles!!

Oh, and how you guys like my new blog look??

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