March 26, 2012

Sephora Nail Tips

Manicures made easy is always an intriguing idea and I couldn't resist picking up some Nail Tips and Nail Bling when I last visited Sephora. You can find the different designs on their website by clicking here. I haven't tried the Nail Bling yet, so have to test them one day as well =)

The one that I brought home is called Ornate, which doesn't look like much on the pictures on the website, but is amazing in real life. I totally forgot to take a picture of the package, but here it is on my nails;

It looks AMAZING on my nails!! Now what the picture doesn't show is that the silver glitter bits is actually holographic so there will pop up all kinds of different colors in the sun! 

The trouble though is that they didn't stay on, after one day my first nail just fell off. The second day two fell off. Since they fell off in a complete sheet I simply just put them back on with the help of some clear nail polish, but it was really annoying. In the end I just had to remove them.

I was really hoping they would stay on longer, but it seems wierd too that they would just fall off like that, maybe I have been too rough on buffing lately ;-P Or maybe it was the Seche Vite on top. I have to give them another try and hopefully they will stay on longer.

The items for my giveaway are almost ready, so will post this in a few days =) 

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