February 8, 2012

Retro Water Marble

I don't know why I haven't tried Water Marbling before, it is so much fun!! I had no idea what I was doing, but the results was really nice;

I used HM Espresso Me, OPI Apricotcha Cheating, China Glaze Passion, and OPI Sand in my Suit. Had to add some gold studs on there as well =) I love this look, and it is so much fun! For those who haven't tried it yet I will give a quick "instruction";

You need a bowl of water, big enough for you to dip your fingers into. Put a couple of drops of nail polish remover in the water so that the nail polish doesn't dry as quickly. Also it is a good idea to tape your fingers so that excess nail polish is easy to remove. Around the nail you can use cuticle oil, or vaseline e.g. to make clean up easier.

Now you just start with the colors, you can use any number of colors but at least two to create the effect. Drip the colors into the water one drop of color at a time in any order you prefer. After a while you will have circles in the water. Take a tooth pick, cuticle pusher, or something like that and make a pattern in the polish. When you are satisfied with the pattern, dip your fingers into the water, nails flat towards the pattern you want. You can easily dip multiple fingers at a time.

Before you pull up the fingers remove any nail polish on top of the water, or less it will transfer to your nails when you take the fingers out of the water. I like to use a Q-tip for this. Then take up your fingers, tap off the excess water, clean up and put on a top coat =)

Good Luck!!


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    1. They are really nice, I bought them from bornpretty store; http://www.bornprettystore.com/15mm-golden-stud-rhinestone-acrylic-nail-p-2401.html