November 6, 2011

Water Decal Nail Wraps from Viva la nails

I love the idea of Water Decal Nail Wraps, but man were they hard to apply...

I figured since I liked the small Water Decals from Viva la nails, I would love the full nail size as well. When I got them I saw that the sizes would not fit my nails at all. My hands are very tiny, and my nails equally small. My first attemt to using the full nail decals resulted in this;

Not too cute... I have seen some people put on nail polish and then use a pencil to take of the excess on the tip of the nails, this resulted in me tearing of parts of the design. Instant tip wear =/

Obviously I need to try again. Cause this just wont do. But I so do love the design!! I will try again, and I will be successful!!! Just gotta do my research, and resizing in advance =)

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