November 3, 2011

Pink chrome nail polish!

New stuff doesn't have to be new, exclusive and costly, it might even be old and free =) 

My mom used to have a nail addiction in her earlier years and while visiting her this summer I came across her old stash while searching for the cat, and man was there some goodies in there. My mom doesn't use nail polish any more, seems the interest had faded so she told me I could have anything I wanted. Being restricted by only carrying hand luggage on the plane, this was not an easy task.

One of the nail polishes that made the cut was one that I think I purchased back in the days actually; Drops of color - Pink Goldie. This is a beautiful pink chrome like nail polish, have a look;

The decorations are Water Decals from Viva la nails.

I am constantly adding Water Decals lately, seems I have to stack up!! BTW, OPI is launching a new collection with Nicki Minaj! Exciting =) Can't wait to check out Save me and Fly!

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