July 23, 2011

While I'm waiting for my flakie

I have been checking out flakies for a while now, but couldn't make up my mind on which one to purchase. I know alot of people swear to Sally Hansen - Hidden Treasure, but it is pretty expensive. There are also some interesting flakies in the NFU series, but there's not alot of swatches of these. So I found a dupe for the Hidden Treasure; NUBAR 2010.

So of course, I ordered it online. Since I am spending the summer back in Norway, I expect the shipping will take a while... I couldn't bear looking at swatches of flakies and decided I had to do something. I had to do a manicure that might in some way resemble the flakie effect...

Now how can one do that... Well I started out with a tweaked version of my Franken nr. 2, the dark purple with the exciting glitters in it. Since it was already a bit sparkly it might help in creating the effect that I wanted. I tweaked it by putting a little bit of white in it to make the glitter stand out a little bit more.

The tweaked Franken was incredible on it's own, but the sparkle is very small and was not enough to satisfy my hunger. I had to have more sparkle!! Since I am running out of my "diamonds" I decided to whip out some old flower stickers with diamonds in the middle. Topped of the tips with some hearts to create more nuance in the base, and topped of the whole thing with some glitter, curtesy of Wal-Marts little Bon Bons- bottles =D

The results was not too bad, and helped a little bit on my Nubar longing;

In artifical light

I figured it wasn't enough glitter, so I went kinda overboard, hehe;

But I am still longing to receive my Nubar 2010...

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