January 3, 2013

New Years Resolution

I hope you all had a great Christmas and a great New Years celebration. For me, this was truly a time for collecting my thoughts and working out some goals for the new year. 

When I started selling my Sparkles I was still in school, working on my Masters and right after graduation I managed to break my wrist, on my dominate hand!! Since I felt I was unable to interview for office type positions with a big cast on my hand I focused on developing my brand and I was sooo overwhelmed at the interest that I had to call in help to shake up bottles and package my orders.

Things have changed though... I broke my wrist in June, and spent one month in a cast and one month trying to regain strength and flexibility. Shaking bottles was one way that I managed to regain some strenght. Finally I regained some confidence and started searching for a job. In August i got a temporary position, where I am still employed. The transition from student life to working life has been though, particularly since my wrist was still aching, I guess I am a slow healer. And to be honest, my brand has suffered...

I have not developed anything new for my "permanent" collection in ages. I haven't even paid that much attention to my own nails. They are dry, brittle, and in dire need of some TLC. When New Years came and passed, I started looking at all these different nail polish blogs, posting their "top picks" for 2012! To my surprise many of these were Indies, and also "Private Label" Indies, the nail polish market has truly changed during the last year...

I am so grateful to have been somewhat a part of this development, but I do feel that I have fallen behind. I am no longer as connected to the Nail Polish Community as I once was, realizing this there are only two options... To give up, or to take the challenge and improve my brand even further!!

My choice will be to improve my brand, as far as I can given the obstacles of "real life" and whatever might be thrown in my face. Sharing my joy for nail polish has been one of the most rewarding aspects of 2012; that a stranger will write me and tell me how much they love one of my shades, seeing pictures of my polishes posted on different blogs and image sharing sites... To create something that people appreciate has been my dream since I was a little girl, and I am honored and overjoyed with every sale that I make.

So my New Years resolution for 2013 is that I will make Sparkles even better. I will develop more colors and combinations, and make sure that the quality is top notch at all aspects. Sparkles has become a part of me and my creative outlet, and I hope you all will join me in my development <3

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  1. Glad to hear you're sticking with it! I look forward to seeing what you create for 2013!