April 28, 2012

While I wait for my Lynnderellas...

Anyone that is interested in nail polish and have checked of Franken brands probably know about Lynnderella nail polishes. As far as I know Lynn was just another nail blogger, that started frankening and the interest grew so she decided to start selling them through her blog. I think she might have been one of the first, if not THE first blogger to start making Frankens for sale...

Anyways her polishes are incredible popular, if you haven't heard about her or her polished, you better check out Google, or you can check out the color guide on morenailpolish's blog by clicking here!

Since I live in Hawai'i which is behind most places I always missed out on her blog sales. Finally she decided to also sell them through Llarowe, but still the demand was sooo high that the owner just couldn't meet it. So they developed a Wish List system, and I signed up as quickly as I saw it. This must have been a few months ago, and they have been constantly going through the list by rotations, and finally; Yesterday I got an invoice for 5 of the polishes on my wishlist!!!

I just knew I had to get a small bunch while I was on the list cause this babies sell out all too quickly. If you are interested in claiming some Lynnderella nail polishes for youself, this is the way to go. But, it does take some time. I think they are changing it up for the next time around, but if you are interested you should check out this page!! and sign up for email notifications for more information.

Anyways, I did actually order more than 5 nail polishes. The 6th is Connect the Dots which is a mix of hex, square and bars in white and black as well as a little shimmer. Basically it's instant nail are over any color!! If you check out swatches online you will see it looks really good over bright colors.

Since I cannot get a hold of this polish I have been checking out other options, Frankeners that are making, well not dupes, but close enough representations or polishes inspired by the basics of Connect the dots.

I claimed on of these bottles from Etsy Seller sweetfairyboutique now candylacquer which was called Sticks N' Stones, and it looks awesome. But she as well sold out all too quickly. So I decided to make my own little version, and here it is;

 And a little closeup;

I call it Dots N' Stripes (instead of Stars N' Stripes, get it?). So what do guys think? Would you be interested in my version of this nail polish, or do we have enough Frankeners already making this combo? 


  1. Yes Yes Yes I would be interested and I'm sure there is enough demand as it's still very hard to get any of these CTD dupes. Love it, put me on the "Sparklin Nails Wishlist"!!!

    1. You are too cute!! I will put them on my Etsy store then =) Will post a new entry when I have made a small batch and put them up for sale, no need to be on a wish list just yet ;-D

    2. Yay!! I wait with baited breath!!

    3. You are seriously too cute!! I just put up 5 for sale now; http://www.etsy.com/listing/98826628/dots-n-stripes