January 30, 2012

Ozotic 531

A while back I got my first Ozotic, nr. 531. I dunno why but when it came I just put it straight into my collection, and then kind forgot about it :-O I have so many nail polishes that I do this with, I order them online super-psyked, then I receive it and think, meh...

Well at least I decided one day to swatch it on a nail wheel over different colors, black, blue, red and beige, but I couldn't decide which one I thought was cutest, so ended up not putting it on my nails. Poor little Ozotic 531, I do promise to actually put you on my nails one day.

Anyways here are the swatches I made on the nail wheel;

 Base colors from left; Sally Hansen - Black Out, OPI - Suzi Says Feng Shui, OPI - No Spain No Gain, Sally Hansen Instadri - Beige Blast.

It is really beautiful, holographic and multichrome kind of effect... But I still cannot decide which base color I prefer, what do you guys think?

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