January 23, 2012

Nail Decal Wrap Success!!

So if you read my previous post attempting to use full nail water decals you saw that this was a major fail!! I didn't give up and researched the topic before attempting it again.

And, suprisingly, this is the amazing result;

And, a little close-up of my thumb;

It looks even better irl, like glass paintings or something!

Shockingly awesome nails!!! So how did I do it??? Well here are a few pointers;

First; use time to recut the decals so that each will fit your nails perfectly. This will take some time to perfect, and I would recommend using the recut nail decals to resize other sets so that you can truly perfect the size of each piece to fit you nails.

Second; Use a colored base coat!! Unless you are extremely good at applying the decals, there will be some minor errors in size or placement here and there. Using a colored base coat will make sure that any errors will be less visible, and likely it will look like a part of the design. For this decals I could for example have used white, blue, or black. I chose to use black.

Third; When applying the decal on your nail, make sure that the decal is thourougly moist with water. Also put a small drop of water on the nail that you are applying the decal to in advance. This makes the decal easier to place as it will move around at your will and not stick to the nail at once.

Fourth; Make sure you eliminate any bubbles, for this I use a Q-tip/ Cotton bud with a bit of water on to press down on the decal to further perfect the placement and remove bubbles or wrinkles.

Fifth; Use some paper, toilet paper etc to press down on the decal. This will remove the moisture making sure that the decal will be in perfect position (if you followed the previous steps). Waiting for it to dry on its own can take some time, and applying dry paper will make sure everything is secured. 

Sixth step; there will be some excess on the front of the nails. This can be removed by filing, but this can cause damage to the decal. I recommend wrapping it around the nail. First cut the excess so that it will fit on the back of the nail. Then apply a top coat over the whole nail. Use a pencil (or something like it) to push the excess to the back of the nail. I would also recommend applying a second topcoat when the first is completly dry so that you can apply on the tip and the back to make sure the design lasts and lasts... =)

If you are using Seche Vite or any other fast drying top coats, do not apply a thick coat as this will probably cause shrinkage, it's better to apply two thin coats instead, or use a "normal" top coat first, then apply a fast drying one.

Wow, this must be my longest post ever... Hope you guys will also try the full nail water decals and that you too will succeed in getting truly awesome nails =)


  1. Sounds like a very long tedius process but I am going to try . The outcome is awesome! Thanks for sharing!

  2. The most time consuming part is cutting the decals, everything from there is pretty fast. So if you are lucky enough to have decals that actually fit your nails the process is not too long =) Also sometimes I like to paint my nails one day, and decorate them another, so you don't need to spend so much time in one go ;-) Good luck!