July 12, 2011

Subtly Squared...

I have alot of stamping plates already, but couldn't help myself when I saw the "new" plate from Konad, the m73. I ordered this online (of course) eagerly excited to try the notes, the hearts and the little flower pattern. When I got it though, the squares seemed more interesting than the other patterns.

So I decided to try this over a beige tone with some cute colors, and this was the results;

My goal was to get a gradient effect, so I used two holo polishes and the No spain No gain on the edge. For the holos I used my China Glaze TTYL and GR8.

This is a nice neautral manicure with some interesting detailes. Would probably look good with some black stamping over this again, but I figured I wanted to be a little subtly square for a week or so =)

One of my friends couldn't stop staring at my nails when I was wearing this, I thought it was hilarious. So I promised her to do her nails before school starts again =) Always nice with some new nail models.

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